Khrysos Hunters Ruins of Abetan Expansion - Version 2
New Hunters, Pit Hazards and a new player colour! Newly revised for Version 2.0!


Khrysos Hunters V.2.0 Beta Digital Edition
Download the print files for free and play wherever you are!


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Khrysos Hunters V2.0 Beta
The latest version for 2-4 players!


Cities of Skyfar Pt. 3 - The Teleporter Testlab
Now you're thinking with Teleporters!


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Cities of Skyfar Pt. 2 - The Demolition Descent
Bring down the house!


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Cities of Skyfar Pt.1 - The Rooftop Run
Bound between buildings and dodge down dark alleyways!


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Fires of Gammara Expansion- Version 1
Turn up the heat with 12 new hunters and volcanic terrain!


The Temples of Kalphar Pt. 3 - The Great Mechanism
The game changes with each turn of the dial!


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Temples of Kalphar Pt. 2 - The Secret Labyrinth
Wind your way through this puzzling maze!


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The Temples of Kalphar Pt. 1 - The Pyramid of Kalphar
The adventure continues with puzzling pyramids and secret passages!


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Ruins of Abetan 6 Player Expansion - Version 1
Expand your game up to 6 players with new maps and hunters!


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Khrysos Hunters Base Game - Version 1
Jump into the game with everything you need play for 2-4 players


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