Khrysos Hunters V.2.0 Beta Digital Edition


Download the print files for free and play wherever you are!

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This is the complete printable edition of version 2.o (beta).

Print these cards at home and play the game for free!

Files included:

  • Hunter Cards (24 hunters)
  • Rule Book
  • Map/Focus cards
  • Score Cards

You will need to provide your own dice and treasure markers.

The Hunt Is On!

Mysterious treasures have been discovered hidden in the ruins of a lost civilization in the distant Khrysos galaxy.
The fabulous bounty is there for the taking but the competition is fierce! Only the bravest, cleverest and toughest treasure hunters in the galaxy have what it takes to compete for the fortune of a lifetime.
These rogues, heroes, thieves and pirates are known as the Khrysos Hunters.
They will need to team up and give it all they’ve got if they plan to beat the other contenders to the Khrysos treasure.
Let the hunt begin!

Game premise

Each game takes place in a map showing a location where treasures have been discovered. You will build a team of hunters and use their unique skills to move around the map, collect treasure and steal treasure from your opponents. The team with the most treasures at the end of the game wins.

What's new in Version 2?

  • All Hunters have been reworked and rebalanced
  • “Range” has replaced “Hit”
  • New Action Icon “Jump” allows Hunters to move directly to the target
  • New Action Icon “Repeat” allows Targeting Icons to act multiple times
  • New Focus Cards add a catch-up mechanic for low-rollers and new strategic options
  • Boost has been reworked; all hunters can gain Boost Points and have 2 actions that can be boosted
  • Boost and Guard points are tracked by dice now to make it easier to track new and old points
  • New map cards with walls have 2 Treasure Zones to speed up play
  • Map Cards are now proper 2:3 ratio to make map design smoother
  • Upgrades based on treasure count have been removed

(Shown artwork not final)

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