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Ruins of Abetan 6 Player Expansion - Version 1

Expand your game up to 6 players with new maps and hunters!


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Watch Your Step!

The Ruins of Abetan are a treacherous labyrinth of steep cliffs and rickety bridges, but the fabulous Khrysos treasure inside is all that matters to the Khrysos Hunters. Expand your hunt to up to 6 players with 10 brand new Hunters to make your team. Jump the gaps but don’t get pushed in!

EXPANSION: Requires the Khrysos Hunters Base Game (V.1)


  • 10 Hunter cards
  • 12 Tile cards
  • 2 Player dice
  • 2 Scoring Cards
  • 12 Treasure markers
  • 6 Guard markers
  • 2 Boost markers
  • Rules of play
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