Khrysos Hunters Ruins of Abetan Expansion - Version 2


New Hunters, Pit Hazards and a new player colour! Newly revised for Version 2.0!

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Live on the Edge!

The search for the Khrysos Treasure has led the Hunters to the mysterious world of Abetan. 

The crumbling ruins are treacherous and the Hunters must watch their step as they leap from ledge to ledge over the deep chasms and cliffs that scattered throughout the ruins. 

As new Hunters join the chase, the competition is fierce. The Hunters will have to watch their backs or they may get thrown over the ledge… unless they can push the competition first.

EXPANSION: Requires the Khrysos Hunters Base Game (V.2)

In The Box

  • 12 New Hunter Cards
  • 12  New Map Cards (Featuring Pit Hazards)
  • New Green Player Card + Hunter Die
  • 3 Glass Treasure Markers
  • 1 Orange Boost Die
  • 1 Blue Guard Die
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