Donna Gale


When someone needs information, and they don’t mind the price, they go to Donna Gale.
Secrets are her business. She has the uncanny ability to know seemingly everything.
This can make her a valuable resource… but also an uncomfortable associate to deal with as she always seems to know way more about you than than you even know yourself.

“To answer your first first three questions; No, I’m not a mind reader. You are thinking of the number 9. And no I won’t do that trick again at your party. As for how I knew you were going to ask those questions before you asked them?¬†Well, we all have our secrets don’t we.” ~ Donna Gale

While it can never be said that she isn’t in it for the money (she is, and is quick to remind you), she also just really likes to know things. Partly out of a curiosity that would be lethal even to a dozen felines, but also because she hates the idea of someone knowing something that she doesn’t.

She has built up a reputation for knowing everything and she works hard not to disappoint.

Donna is also not above using her gained information to her own ends. She has leveraged her secrets to gain protection and favours from powerful people in high places (and some not-so-high places). She is a cunning manipulator and knows just how to get what she wants.

When Khrysos was discovered, Donna Gale realized that this was the most valuable wealth of information mankind had ever discovered. And she wasn’t about to let others be on the front lines of discovery without her.

Donna is known to be an “associate” of Ran Gravis although the dynamics of their relationship are unclear. Ran claims she is merely one of his informants. Donna won’t say anything for free.

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