Marta Grell

Jaded Veteran
Gruff exterior but has a big heart
Is not too old for this.
Doesn't understand kids these days.
5' 10"
Sniper Blaster
The Five Moons
Special Ability:
In My Sights

You gain an additional Range if the spaces to the Target are a straight line.

Hunter Bio: 
Marta Grell
Jaded Veteran

Marta Grell has seen a lot over the years. Too much, if you ask her. 


A veteran of the Viridis Alliance tactical division, she spent over thirty years in the field defending shipments of medical supplies from pirates (among other threats). 


Her skills as a sniper bolstered her reputation and she quickly rose to rank of general, but refused to give up field work. 


During one extraction mission, the crew was ambushed. The call came to retreat, but Marta refused to withdraw. She single-handedly held off the attack from an elevated position, drawing the attacking fire. Her brutal sniper accuracy proved too much for the attackers and they eventually retreated and the mission was saved. 


Her bravery had taken its toll and she lost her left arm and leg resulting from her injuries. She opted for cybernetic replacements insisting she needed to get back into the field as soon as possible. 


However, her lost limbs proved to be easier to repair than other things damaged on the mission. Her refusal to obey the retreat order didn't sit well with some of her superiors. And while she did receive public commendations for her actions, she found a target on her back in the organization as a reckless liability. 


She refused to be intimidated though, and returned to the field determined to prove that a robotic arm and leg weren't going to slow her down. 


A few years later, she was on a mission tracking poachers on the conservation jungle moon of Brught II. She and her squad were returning to their shuttle when they were attacked by a jungle beast. She fought the beast, begging her squad to help, but her commander, seeing the opportunity to gain favour and promotion from the officers who disliked Marta, told his squad to fall back.


Marta sustained injuries to her face and body from the fight, but eventually succeeded in escaping the beast. She chased after her squad and tackled her commander before he could reach the shuttle. The rest of the squad restrained her and brought her back in custody.   


She was dishonorably discharged for assaulting her commander and lost everything. She began doing mercenary work to make a living. Her combat experience making her formidable, but her reputation being slandered by her former employers made it challenging to get good jobs.


Over the course of her travels, she encountered some other aspiring bounty hunters and the began to run missions together. They banded together as a team They called the Five Moons as they each came from one of Orbana's habitable moons. They used their various skills to become a unique team to tackle unusual or challenging jobs, and they became a new family for each other.

They turned their sights on the Khrysos Treasure as their key to their futures and fortunes.

"I don't mess around. I get the job done."
Marta Grell
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