Joy "Pixie" Zaan

Sky Patrol
Energetic but easily distracted.
Has a black belt in aerial martial arts.
Has exceptionally fast reflexes.
4' 10"
Wing Suit
GEA (Galactic Exploration Agency)
Special Ability:
Air Lift

When Pixie moves she can carry another hunter with her. The hunter does not need to be on her starting space, and can be put down anywhere along Pixie's movement path. Pixie can move multiple hunters in a turn but only one at a time.

Hunter Bio: 
Joy "Pixie" Zaan
Sky Patrol

Pixie loves to fly. Ever since she was a young girl, she dreamed one day soaring through the clouds. 

Her dreams were more likely than most to come true as both of her parents were accomplished pilots. Her father was astro-naval cruiser captain for the Exton Shipping Company and her mother flew an airspeeder medical courier craft on their homeworld of Joonta. 

So it wasn't long before 3 year old Joy was learning to fly the family airspeeder, and not long after that 7 year old Joy was "borrowing" the speeder for joyrides (much to her parent's chagrin). 

She graduated school early with top marks and was accepted into the GEA Aerial Academy, where she earned the callsign "Pixie" for her upbeat attitude, and unstoppable desire to be in the air. 

She was in her element. She has exceptional intuition when it comes to flying and it didn't take her long to master any air or spacecraft she tried. 

But she found her true calling in the Wing Suit. The personal flying apparatus worn by the GEA Sky Patrol. It was flying in a way she had only dreamed. 

She loved her work with the GEA but the routine fly-arounds and uneventful patrol shifts grew dreary. 

When invited to join the Khrysos hunt, Pixie knew she would really have a chance to spread her wings (literally and figuratively) and rise to the occasion. 

"The sky's not the limit; it's only the beginning!"
Joy "Pixie" Zaan
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