Carter Knox

Mad-Dawg Brawler
5' 10"
Cybernetic Wrestling
The Blood & Ashes
Special Ability:
Ragdoll Toss

When using Quick Throw or Heavy Throw, if the target is moved on or through another hunter or hunters, you may divide the damage between them any way you like.

Hunter Bio: 
Carter Knox
Mad-Dawg Brawler

Carter Knox is a former police officer from Skyfar who left in search of a more exciting career as a mercenary.
His solo career was diverse leading him to jobs such as bouncer, smuggler, body guard, bounty hunter, and, on a single occasion, kitten wrangler. He even had a short career as a part time underground wrestler.

It was on a bounty hunting job that Carter Knox met Captain Dreighton who happened to be chasing the same target. The mark had been tipped off and had laid a trap. Carter, in hiding, saw Captain Dreighton walking into the trap. In a tremendous feat of daring, Knox leaped out and hurled Captain Dreighton (a considerable distance) to safety, getting caught in the explosion himself.
The Captain got them out to safety but the explosion cost Carter Knox an arm and a leg.
Never a quitter, Carter Knox, replaced them with cybernetics and Captain Dreighton, in gratitude for saving his life, hired him onto his crew aboard The Blood & Ashes as first mate.

"When life deals you a bad hand, build a better, stronger mechanical one, and use it to sock life right in the jaw."
Carter Knox
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