Shade is a Nightrunner. A messenger and courier of top secret information when people don’t want their packages intercepted. Shade sticks to the shadows, running  and alleyways and rooftops of Skyfar.

A mysterious character, not many know much about Shade, except that he is remarkably good at hiding and suspiciously fast at getting from point A to point B.

“You think I’m weird? I’m not weird, I just don’t like small talk… or you….. or  people in general… or sunlight.” –  Shade

Having an eerie knack of appearing from seemingly nowhere, Shade had a reputation of being the go-to Nightrunner when you want your delivery kept secret. He is also suspected by some to have super human abilities due to his uncanny ability to seemingly vanish when people’s backs are turned. Shade routinely denies this.

Shade was recruited by a for the Khrysos Hunt for his reputation for reliable delivery, nimbleness and agility. He has proved to have more secrets and tricks up his sleeve than even people have guessed.

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