Secret Agent
Icy demeanor.
Has dry wit that always makes you feel like the butt of a joke that you don't get.
Loves board games.
5' 9"
Intelligence Curators Union
Special Ability:
The White Queen

At the beginning of your turn, you may Discard a focus card and move as far as you want in any one straight line (diagonally or orthogonally). This move counts as a Trample with a Damage 1. Terrain and wall effects still apply.

This uses your whole turn. 

Hunter Bio: 
Secret Agent

Very little is known about the agent code named Silver, and that is exactly the way she likes it. 

She works for an elite branch of the Intelligence Curators Union, an independent intelligence agency. Where most research organizations like the Galactic Expansion Agency works to make information free, the ICU believes there are certain things that are better kept… A secret. 

Their agents collect information, Archive it, secure it and… If necessary, use it for their strategic purposes. In all these areas, Silver is a grand master. 

It is rumoured that her current obsession is tracking down the identities of the Blood Five, the five notorious captains that lead the infamous pirate cabal. If this is the case, it's unclear as to whether she has been hired to gather this information, or whether she is personally invested. Those who suspect the latter, whisper of a vendetta Silver may have toward one of the captains in particular.

Given the agency's vast spy network, it wasn't much of a surprise that, almost before anyone had heard of the Khrysos Galaxy, Silver was already on her way. There are many unknown secrets surrounding the Khrysos Treasure and that is a fact that Silver is out to solve.

"Your every move is an open book to me and, frankly, it's a tedious read."
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