Weelo Rigger

Likes the simple things.
Surprisingly strong.
Can dig it.
5' 7"
Assorted digging implements
Special Ability:

Before starting a movement, You may Discard a focus card to place a tunnel token on your space (it must be a normal space). You can then make your movement to another normal space, ignoring walls and any other tile effects. You can not pick up treasure during this movement. Place another tunnel token on your ending space. 

Tunnel tiles can be moved between as though they are adjacent spaces. You can not count target range through tunnels. 

Tunnel tiles can be targeted and are destroyed if they take 1 damage.

Hunter Bio: 
Weelo Rigger

Weelo Rigger has spent a good percentage of his life underground. His family were among the founders of the Sarboria mining colony. The colony established their living spaces in the caves and tunnels that protected them from the raging wind storms of the planet's surface. 

Weelo took to the mining life like a natural. Always a hard worker ever since he was young, by age 10 he was working alongside the adults, and for the most part, holding his own. 

He gained a reputation for his good nature, friendly disposition, and a work ethic that made people around him feel inspired. 

He was also as smart as he was strong. He taught himself engineering and machining, constructing new tools and techniques to help his colony. When a new obstacle came up, Weelo would be back the next day with a new invention to save the day. 

He left the colony at age 20 and worked in construction, excavation, and even archeology, his reputation growing as a person who had a keen skill in earthworks. 

He was approached to join the Khrysos hunt as his unique skills gleaned to be valuable in excavating the temples and underground chambers that hold the Khrysos Treasure. 

Weelo Rigger at first refused, as wealth and riches held little appeal to him, but eventually he changed his mind, and set off to the Khrysos Galaxy. Because he believes that collecting the treasure and excavating the Khrysos ruins is a job worth doing and, as he puts it, a job worth doing is a job worth doing right.

All the fancy talk means nothing if you're afraid to get your hands dirty.
Weelo Rigger
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