Doctor Ed

The Terrible Doctor
6' 2"
Special Ability:
Side Effects

Whenever Doctor Ed uses Full Body Transplant, place a transplant token on the target and Doctor Ed. While the tokens are in play they use each other's 3 ability. If the other hunter targets Doctor Ed with full body transplant, the tokens are removed.

Hunter Bio: 
Doctor Ed
The Terrible Doctor

Many rumours circle around the origin of Doctor Ed.
They claim he used to be a servant droid who went crazy one day and ran off, spending years on the run changing identies and appearance by swapping out cybernetic body parts.
Since then, the adapting the name of Doctor Ed, a mysterious mechanical doctor, self-made and remade, wandering the galaxy in search of new and interesting procedures.

Doctor Ed practices medicine with genius flair, performing the complex and the simple with blinding speed, creativity, and an utter lack of focus, much the horror of the more traditional medical profession.
This has drawn our terrible doctor towards the Khrysos galaxy, where all kinds of interesting people – and operations – await.
Although he has a helpful and outgoing nature, few people trust Doctor Ed, because his version of success is often different – very different – than theirs.

"Doctor Ed, you're insane!"
Doctor Ed
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