About the Artist

toon-portrait-smallKhrysos is the creation of Canadian artist Josh Rivers.

Josh has always loved the art of game design and unique characters. Khrysos has been an opportunity to explore both ends of that spectrum.  What started as a small art project expanded into a rich universe full of colourful characters and high adventure.

See the rest of Josh’s work on his website at www.joshrivers.com

or email him at




Credits and Thanks

Thanks firstly to the co-designer, assistant character writer, editor and right hand man, my brother Jeremiah Rivers for his many hours and insight devoted to this project. Obviously he’s the cool one.

Thanks to the beta, alpha, pre-alpha, pre-pre-alpha, and epsilon testers:
Amy (also for letting me steal your boyfriend for hours on end), Nate, Chris, Tim, Matt, Devon, Jennie, Eric, Dave, Dillon, and anyone else whom I might have forgotten.

Thanks to Steve for being Vent, Amy for being Tink, and Jer for being Doctor Ed.

Special thanks to Nick and Jennifer Prouse for their invaluable assistance in launching this game.

Thanks to my parents and all those who encouraged me make this thing happen.

You guys are all awesome. Especially you epsilon tester (you know who you are).



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