Ran Gravis


Ran Gravis began his career as a security guard before joining the police force on Skyfar. He quickly made detective but left the force after a few years to pursue a career as a private investigator.

Ran is a natural tracker and knows how to follow the clues. Burglars are his specialty and he often is consulted by wealthy collectors whose valuables are a popular target for thieves.

“Well you should have thought about that before you stole all those treasures. You know what they say: Don’t do the crime if you want to keep your nose intact.” – Ran Gravis to Reese Limber

Ran doesn’t have much patience for thieves. Especially those who burgle for the thrill of it. He has gained a bit of a reputation in the criminal underworld as a detective you do not want to have come after you. He has a near perfect record of retrieving the goods and an equally impressive record of making thieves regret their life choices.

He says being a private detective allows him greater flexibility to “enforce” the law.

When Ran heard that some notorious thieves were setting out join the Khrysos Hunt, he decided it would be best for him to go as well and keep an eye on them. The thieves in question were less than pleased to hear it.

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