Perseus Dodd


Perseus Dodd (or “Percy” to his friends) is a Lab Technician for the Galactic Expansion Agency. A brilliant researcher, he analyzes and documents the samples and data sent back from the G.E.A. field researchers and pilots.

When Elia Rose found the first Khrysos treasure on her survey of Prixus 7, she sent the initial scan to Percy.

Perseus was the first to start proper scientific study of the Khrysos Treasures and realize their potential for future technological advancement.

“A discovery of this scale can’t be left to rocket wielding maniacs! I must go myself. Science needs me!” – Perseus Dodd

While Percy is by no means a fighter, he makes sure to come prepared. Armed with an arsenal of gadgets and devices, he is an unpredictable contender, able to leverage his opponent’s strength against them.

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