On the road to FanExpo 2014!

Last year Khrysos Hunters first appeared to the public at FanExpo 2013 as a small project I had prepared to sell at my booth in Artists Alley.

The reception was very positive and as the year went by, the game and the world grew far beyond what I had first imagined.

One year later, I am still amazed at how far it’s come. The original cast of 13 Hunters has grown to 24. What started as a handful of dice and cards is being launched internationally in partnership with the Flux Capacity.

As Fan Expo 2014 starts tomorrow, I sincerely thank everyone who helped to make Khrysos Hunters what it is today, especially my brother Jeremiah and his girlfriend Amy who have dedicated their time, energy, health, imagination and sanity to the world of Khrysos Hunters.

And an extra special thank you to everyone who played and bought the game and gave this humble artist turned game designer a chance.

See you tomorrow!



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