Deen Karlen


Deen Karlen is a natural. Discovered at an early age for his potential, he was recruited by the prestigious Exton Military Academy where he would learn discipline, teamwork and respect for authority.

…at least he would have if he didn’t drop out after 8 months.

Feeling that he was already better than anyone at the academy, including his instructors (none of them bullseye a target, off handed, while standing on one foot like he could), Deen saw the drills and book learning to be a waste of his time and sought some real experience in the real world.

“Look, lady, if I wanted to sit around listening to boring people talk about boring things all day, I would still be at that lame academy. Now do you want the fastest gun in the galaxy on your team, or do I take my ridiculously awesome skills someplace else?” – Deen Karlen to Helena Lankinton

While waiting for his obvious talents to be discovered as a gun for hire, Deen works at a speeder repair shop (many of the repairs needed because of his other part time job as a stunt racer).

Deen is idolized and admired by those younger than him (including his friends, Spitch and Prox) for his confidence and coolness. His elders however shake their head at his posturing and sigh as they see him as one who could have been great, and is now just an average gunslinger with a few fancy moves.

Deen would say they are just jealous.

Deen saw the Khrysos Hunt as the perfect opportunity to prove to the galaxy,¬†once and for all, that his skills “didn’t need no book learnin'”.

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