Breaker 7


Breaker 7 is a robot of distinction. Known as a crack shot and upstanding gentleman, he is both a terrifying adversary and a welcome companion.

As a robot it is difficult to determine his age. Some say he started as a butlerbot whose etiquette drive jumped into overdrive. Others say he was built by an eccentric inventor who was trying to build a robot version of the perfect gentleman. Regardless, the outcome was Breaker 7.

“Jolly good shot, Major. Now let me show you the way a true gentleman shoots, eh?” – Breaker 7

Mostly Breaker 7 employs himself as a mercenary sniper. With his mechanical precision and his custom laser blunderbuss, his accuracy is second to none.

In his off hours, Breaker 7 enjoys life in his country mansion, reading his collection of first editions, and going to the opera.

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