Shade is a Nightrunner. A messenger and courier of top secret information when people don’t want their packages intercepted. Shade sticks to the shadows, running  and alleyways and rooftops of Skyfar. A mysterious character, not many know much about Shade, except that he is remarkably good at hiding and suspiciously fast at getting from point […]

Mimi Slider


Mimi Slider is a star player for the Extonia Icewings furyball team. A full contact sport played with blunt objects and high speeds, furyball is a game for people who don’t mind taking a hit (and enjoy dishing out some of their own). Mimi Slider is one of those people. Players move around the court […]

Deen Karlen


Deen Karlen is a natural. Discovered at an early age for his potential, he was recruited by the prestigious Exton Military Academy where he would learn discipline, teamwork and respect for authority. …at least he would have if he didn’t drop out after 8 months. Feeling that he was already better than anyone at the […]

Donna Gale


When someone needs information, and they don’t mind the price, they go to Donna Gale. Secrets are her business. She has the uncanny ability to know seemingly everything. This can make her a valuable resource… but also an uncomfortable associate to deal with as she always seems to know way more about you than than […]

Perseus Dodd


Perseus Dodd (or “Percy” to his friends) is a Lab Technician for the Galactic Expansion Agency. A brilliant researcher, he analyzes and documents the samples and data sent back from the G.E.A. field researchers and pilots. When Elia Rose found the first Khrysos treasure on her survey of Prixus 7, she sent the initial scan […]

Captain Dreighton


The fearless captain of the bounty hunter team the Blood & Ashes and the daring pilot of the ship of the same name, Captain Dreighton has had his share of adventures. After a rather unfortunate incident on the jungle world of Ra’hoon, Captain Dreighton found his team shorthanded and in need of some new recruits. He hired Rush […]



Monkeywrench is a scrapyard mechanic from a small refueling port called Wingnut Alley. While she didn’t get out much, she got to meet lots of neat people passing through. She is highly regarded throughout the galaxy as a brilliant (although unorthodox) engineer. To Monkeywrench the world is a collection of small parts that can be […]

Coming Soon! Fires of Gammara Expansion!


Bring the heat! The Khrysos Hunters adventure takes our heroes to the volcanic world of Gammara in the Fires of Gammara expansion pack releasing this summer! Featuring 12 new map cards with treacherous lava flows that make you choose between speed and safety, and 12 all new characters with new, crazy abilities! We are also […]